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‘Ruin bars’ are some of the main attractions of Budapest’s incredible nightlife.


Throughout the world, shabby-chic is becoming the core tenant of effective interior design. Basically just,upcycling old furnishings from junk stores and flee markets.


Budapest was quick to this trend with ‘Ruin Bars’. Essentially derelict buildings and unused outdoor spaces, which have been transformed into amazing nightlife venues.


Not dissimilar to the nightlife venues of Hoxton, Brooklyn or any other Hipster infused areas.


Not all Ruin Bars were created equally. FunkNBunk’s three favourite ruin pubs are as follows:


1) Ankert – A hip place perfect for a chilled drink especially in summer outside in their courtyard. The beats are that of melodic and radiant house music, creating the ideal setting for a glass of Hungarian wine and a chat.

2) Fogas Haz – Arguably the best place for a Friday or Saturday night boogie in Budapest. The music policy varies from industrial Techno to folk and gypsy music. The crowd is a nice mixture of locals and tourists.

3) Szimpla Kert – Szimpla is the most famous of any Budapest’s ruin pubs. Although it is incredibly touristy, it is definitely worth a visit for any backpacker, at least to see some of the craziest and most bizarre interior design known to man.