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From FunkNBunk (5 minute walk)

As featured in our previous article, 6 Things that Excite me Most About Budapest – Opened in 2002, the House of Terror is one of the most powerful museums in Europe, holding exhibitions that revisit fascist and communist dictatorial regimes in 20th-century. The site marks a memorial to the victims of themes regimes as the building once played headquarters to the secret police of the Nazi and Communist governments. The museum holds exhibitions that model Gulag life, analyse Socialist Realist propaganda and reveal execution methods of the respective regimes. The experience as a whole offers an incomparable eeriness that brings prominence to the phrase – “lest we forget.”

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FunkNBunk is giving you a rare inside peek into the House of Terror settled on Andrássy street.

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The entrance is immediately overwhelming with a wall measuring three storeys featuring victims of the the totalitarian regime that haunts Hungary until this day. The self serviced tour begins on the second floor and ends in the basement where you travel through the underground detention centres and torture chambers utilised by the secret police when the building used to house the central headquarters.


The immense photo wall doesn’t encompass the entirety of the memorials you will stumble along in several narrow halls.

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Each room is themed differently focusing on specific aspects of the era – the persecution, the concentration camps, the Soviet influence, military leaders involved in the regime and so on.


The House of Terror is a FunkNBunk recommendation for all history enthusiasts and even those who are keen on the context of many of Budapest’s famous monuments.